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I help clients reshape their relationship with food by ridding themselves of food rules, helping them learn to connect to their internal hunger cues with an Intuitive Eating approach so they can achieve a healthy and happy life that they've always longed for. 

Are you ready to feel energized and alive?

Are you ready to naturally make food choices that keep you feeling that way? 

Do you want to eat a piece of pizza without wanting to eat the whole thing or even thinking about what you just ate?

No guilt.

No shame.

No making up for it with restrictions the next day..


Lets work together to achieve Your Freedom. 

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My program is for you if you:

  • want to stop overeating and/or binging

  • want to stop fearing your favorite foods 

  • want to enjoy food and stop feeling guilty after you eat

  • want to feel confident in you body and look in the mirror with nothing but love for yourself

  • are sick of yoyo dieting just to gain the weight right back 

  • want to achieve sustainable health and learn how to eat from a place of LOVE

  • want to feel at peace with food

  • want to finally accept yourself fully

  • want to live life FULLY in health and happiness, without food worry and anxiety!

This program is NOT for you if you:

  • Have an active eating disorder.

  • Are looking for a quick fix or weight loss plan.

  • Are not willing to take the time to reflect on your habits and committed to putting in work for yourself. 

What others are saying about my programs.. 

 "She's helped me understand what needs to fuel my body to be the best me and how to make wellness a lifestyle, not a diet or a crash course you follow for 4-6 weeks to quickly drop weight."

 "If I could, I would tell every woman in the world who is feeling any level of stress surrounding binge eating, body image, and food/exercise anxiety to talk to Taryn."

"I was obsessed with counting calories because that’s what made me feel ‘safe’. Funny enough, those numbers are now what make me feel out of control, and what makes me feel safe is listening to my body and nourish it everyday. "


Initial Session (50 minutes)

I want to get to know YOU- your history with food and eating, your current struggles with food, your likes and dislikes, your lifestyle, health history, and your personality. In our first session together we get to know each other and assess your current mindset around food.

Bi-Weekly Follow Ups (45 minutes)

After our initial session we will meet every other week for 3 months. At these session we will set goals to help you move forward toward a healthy relationship with food and your body. 

Additional Support

I want you to feel as supported as possible. To provide this the program includes:

Weekly goal setting to help you set intentions on what you need to work on.

Ongoing messaging support for any question or concern between sessions you have access to me so that you feel supported throughout our time together.​

Ebooks, Recipe guides, Journal prompts and other resources to set you up for success! 



  • ​Establish your health and wellness goals and create a realistic plan to achieve them

  • Learn to read food labels and understand ingredients 

  • Determine what is standing in the way of your health goals 

  • Discover how to choose the right foods that fuel YOUR body

  • Reset your cravings and shift your mindset around food.

  • Develop new healthy eating and lifestyle habits that will help you find a balance that allows you to thrive 


  • How to intuitively find food freedom from binge eating /emotional eating

  • Adrenal Fatigue 

  • Intuitive Eating 

  • Overthinking About Food

  • Food Guilt

  • Low energy / Fatigue / Sleepless nights 

  • Quitting Dieting 

  • Quitting Calorie Counting

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