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Imagine to yourself a life that looks like this..

 Where you go on vacation with your family and come in from the beach to eat a donut in your bathing suit with not a care in the world about "what this is going to do to your body" or how bloated you'll be afterwards...


 Imagine, a life where you don’t stress about calories and you don’t worry about binging.


Where you choose to eat the ice cream, you enjoy it, and you feel good about it.


A life where you trust yourself and honor your cravings.


You create memories with your family and friends where you are present and not thinking about how many calories or what ingredients are in the food you're eating...


Imagine eating what you want and feeling satisfied and content...


 Imagine a life full of joy and living in the moment not judging yourself one bit for what food you ate.

How does THAT sound?!

This can be your reality! Just like these people below who took the leap of trust and faith to create this new reality for themselves...

Where should I even start. I’ve grown so much in only three months that it’s even hard to believe. I have been struggling with insecurities, eating disorders, restricting and binging for over 5 years and in just 3 months Taryn completely changed the way I view myself and food. Taryn became my friend, someone that I can always look up to and I couldn’t be more grateful for starting this Journey with her. Not only she helped me with my binge eating, how to be aware and how to prevent it but she also improved every area of my life. I am now able to enjoy social events, eat intuitively, listen to my body and most importantly feel great inside/out. I was obsessed with counting calories, I couldn’t have any food that I liked at home and I was just relying on numbers because that’s what made me feel ‘safe’. Funny enough, those numbers are now what make me feel out of control, and what makes me feel safe is listening to my body and nourish it everyday. 

I am finally free and happy and I couldn’t be more grateful for Taryn. THANK YOU

- Luci in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Taryn provides a powerful coaching program. Her unique combination of certification & professional training with personal experience overcoming her own food struggles was very important to me. I have never sought help for anything in my life and I felt like a failure when I decided it was time to get outside help. I felt so alone in my food thoughts and habits and Taryn quickly removed that. Not only did she give me the guidance, tools and education to overcome my unhealthy relationship with food, she became a friend. In between our sessions, Taryn was there whenever I needed her. Quickly responding and making me feel good about my accomplishments. In three short months I feel FREE! Taryn's program flipped my relationship with food from Love/Fixation/Guilt to Love!

- Carrie in Boston, MA


Before I started working with Taryn, I tried everything from dieting, restricting, reading books, listening to podcasts, taking "healthy" supplements, etc. but nothing seemed to work with my binge eating. It was a constant cycle of being really "healthy" one week followed by a week of non stop binging and I thought all hope was lost. However, one day I came across Taryn's page and knew I had to reach out. Her tips and tricks on her page were extremely helpful and the program she offered on helping with binge eating seemed like something I had to try - especially since I had previously tried everything....I cannot express how happy and accomplished I feel after completing the program with Taryn! We worked together for a couple of months and I feel like a completely different person. I never thought I would be able to go one week without binging or constantly thinking about food but here I am a few months later - BINGE FREE! Taryn provides the help, support, resources, tools, etc. to get you through food related issues you might be experiencing and I cannot recommend her enough! It was truly a life changing experience and such an awesome program! Thank you thank you!! 

- Sara in San Francisco, CA

Your relationship with food can be peaceful and enjoyable!

​Taryn has absolutely changed my life. After 7+ years of battling eating disorders, binge eating, food anxiety, binge drinking habits, and many unsuccessful attempts at fad diets, I finally decided to get help. I came across Taryn’s Instagram page and reached out for a free consultation and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. Taryn took the time to get to know me, ask tough questions and create a program unique to my journey. I’ve learned how to properly nourish my body, not deprive it. I now have the tools to make healthy decisions at home and on the go. I joined this program in an another attempt to lose weight, but I ended up gaining so much more. I’m so thankful for the time I worked with Taryn because it truly transformed my relationship with food and my body. Words can not explain my gratitude for Taryn & this program! 

-Molly In San Diego, CA 

Taryn has completely changed my outlook on food and overall health. She is a goddess of nutrition and wellness (and a book of knowledge!) 

I came to Taryn seeking help with digestive issues that I've been battling for 10+ years and to get more information and ideas on daily lifestyle recipes and what my body needs on a daily basis. I work 50+ hours a week and travel for work so I'm constantly on the go. Taryn helped me come up with a obtainable plan to get on track and make healthy choices no matter where I am or where life brings me. She's helped me understand what needs to fuel my body to be the best me and how to make wellness a lifestyle, not a diet or a crash course you follow for 4-6 weeks to quickly drop weight. I go to Taryn for anything...from what vitamins I need to take, to foods that I need to sear clear of, recipes that are easy quick and healthy that don't break the bank, to cleanses and overall holistic living. What's best about Taryn's program is that it's not a one size fits all, she truly takes the time to learn you, your body and what you need to help you feel like the best version of you. AND, it doesn't break the bank. 5 starts + Highly Recommend!

- Alex in Charlotte, NC

When I say Taryn's program changed my life, I mean that with full sincerity. After Taryn's three month program, I feel relieved and free of the overwhelming anxieties that were occupying nearly all of my thoughts. My typical day was filled with consistent critiquing of my body, obsessing over what to eat and not to eat, and how much I could eat depending on how much I worked out. I was in a constant state of back and forth between restricting and bingeing, oscillating between two uncomfortable extremes. Taryn's holistic approach helped me to fully understand the ways in which all aspects of my life were impacting my stress about food and body image. 


I left Taryn's program feeling happier and more whole, with a new appreciation for my body and what it does, not how it looks, and the food that I consume, not abuse. I have become reacquainted with hunger and fullness cues, and am able to enjoy eating, exercising, and seeing myself without completely overwhelming stress and negativity. I now feel in control of my eating, and have a healthy relationship with choosing what I put in my body. Taryn is an encyclopedia of information, and I feel equipped and empowered to make healthy and intuitive choices without being obsessed about nutrition labels and calories (which, spoiler alert...don't matter as much as we think they do). I owe this sense of peace and internal happiness to Taryn and the program. If I could, I would tell every woman in the world who is feeling any level of stress surrounding binge eating, body image, and food/exercise anxiety to talk to Taryn. I always felt supported, understood, and seen by Taryn. I can't thank her enough!! 

 - Caroline in Pittsburg, PA

Are you ready to create a reality you love like these people above? One that isn't consumed by the food you eat? 
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