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Immune Boosting Pumpkin Smoothie

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Now more than ever it’s time to take control of our immune system and maximize our bodies natural defenses. Having a strong immune system helps your body naturally defend itself from bacteria, viruses, toxins, pathogens and more. I’ve been taking @silverfernbrand immunity supplement to keep my immune system stronger than ever during this time.

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Silver Ferns Immunity is full of probiotics, antioxidants, herbs & phytonutrients. All essential for building your immune system! I love adding a capsule or two to my smoothies or smoothie bowls just like I did with this absolutely delicious pumpkin smoothie bowl!!! Full of fiber and immune boosting properties. Check out the recipe below! ⁣ You can take the supplement on its own or add it to smoothies if you don't like pills!


1 frozen banana⁣

3 tbsp canned pumpkin ⁣

1 spoonful almond butter⁣

1 scoop pumpkin protein ⁣

2 open capsules @silverfernbrand immunity supplement ⁣(optional)

1/2 tbsp cacao nibs ( I use Karen Berrios Brand - shop HERE)

Almond milk ⁣


Add it all to a blender and blend until smooth texture is formed. Once combined pour into a bowl and top with your favorite toppings! I used pumpkin seeds, chia seeds for omega 3's and fiber, cacao nibs for an extra vitamin and mineral boost and a dash of Ceylon cinnamon that helps stabilize blood sugar and fights viruses can ease cold symptoms and more!

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