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Mini Banana Cream SUPERFOOD Pies

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Mood: coffee and banana cream mini superfood pies. You can catch me on my couch all day with coffee and these in hand. No plans this weekend?? You won't regret making these!

Easy, healthy and VEGAN. Full of flavor and superfoods! Gluten free crust and only 10 minutes to make!

Maca is the star of the show in these ingredients. Sneaking in a little hormone supporting adaptogen! Did you know maca is a great source of protein with its powerful amino acids and phytonutrients? Maca increases energy and stamina, fights free radicals, balances hormones and MORE! Get my favorite maca HERE with a discount. One of the best quality brands there is!!

Check out how to below 👇🏼👇🏼



2 cups @nutsolaofficial banana nut superfood mix⁣

1-2 tbsp water ⁣


1 cup coconut cream ⁣

1 brown banana⁣

1 tsp vanilla ⁣

2 tsp @shopkarenberrios maca powder to sneak some adaptogens in⁣!


For crust, mix all ingredients together and press down a thin layer in muffin pan cups. ⁣

Bake at 475 for 10 minutes.

While baking, make the filling by blending all ingredients together until smooth texture forms. Once crust is finished, fill each cup and place in the freezer until set. ⁣

Top with coconut flakes and chocolate chips ⁣


Save on Karen Berrios Superfoods HERE

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