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No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bars

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

PEANUT BUTTER PROTEIN OAT BARS ✨⁣ I can't even lie, these are my favorite dessert I've created in 2021. And the people think so too!

This recipe went viral on Tik Tok on Pintererst and now, INSTAGRAM!!!!!!



Gluten free, refined sugar free and vegan to fit different dietary need! (except nut unfortunately). These no bake bars are the easiest dessert you will ever make in your life and I promise, the entire family will love. even the picky eaters! the flavor combo is unmatched. I mean its chocolate and peanut butter?!

Technically these can have up to 8 ingredients but I say 6 because protein and sea salt are optional. I added a few notes below for you based on the comments of the viral videos. See how easy they are below and what other options you have to change things up! 🍫🥜🤌🏼⁣

a few notes:

🍫 I have never tried to make these with another flour so I am not sure if one would work or turn out to be the same consistency but you can always try! (I wouldn't recommend regular flour, maybe oat).

🍫 you do not have to use protein & you can just substitute the protein for more flour. 1/4 cup more almond flour is what I do most times. delicious.

🍫 you can also add collagen instead of flour which is my favorite way to enjoy them.

🍫 a reader has said they used almond butter and it was delicious too.

🍫 make sure you set aside time to freeze! I store them in the freezer covered or uncovered and let thaw for 2-5 minutes before eating.


1 cup old fashioned oats ⁣(here)

1/4 cup almond flour⁣ (here)

1/4 cup vanilla protein ⁣of choice (my favorite)

1/2 cup maple syrup ⁣(here for sugar free)

1 cup peanut butter⁣ (here)

1 tsp vanilla⁣ (here)

1/2 tsp sea salt ⁣(here)


Start by adding oats, protein and flour to a large bowl. gently stir.

Then add maple syrup, peanut butter and vanilla and mix until fully combined.

Line an 8x8 dish with parchment paper and pat the mixture down with your fingers (easiest way to do it - may need to wet them it will be sticky!).⁣

Melt 1/2 - 1 cup chocolate chips and 1 tbsp coconut oil and pour over the top evenly. ⁣

Freeze for 1.5 hours minimum.

Store in freezer for up to a week.

Note: these are not too hard out of the freezer. May need a minute or two to thaw but they're easy to bite into!

I hope you enjoy this delicious recipe and it sweetens up your day! Don't forget to check out all of my dessert recipes on my blog under "dessert recipes" and connect with me on my other platforms!


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Naomi Van Liere
Naomi Van Liere
Mar 15, 2023

Wow these are absolutely my favourite! made them for the 10th time today so I figured I should leave a comment. a new staple in our house. I sometimes add in a couple tablespoons of flax seed and then I’ll add a touch of water if it’s too thick. Initially my thought was how incredibly high calorie and fat these bars are, however, you physically can’t overeat them cause you can feel it right away! I appreciate your recipe. We will continue to enjoy these!


Dave Wanamaker
Dave Wanamaker
Aug 22, 2022

I presume these would be as good with granulated monkfruit sweetener as they are with maple syrup, yes? Thanks!

Smoked Salmon
Smoked Salmon
Dec 01, 2022
Replying to

the “6“ (really 8) ingredient recipe forgot to mention chocolate and coconut butter … now we are at 10. Who’s counting and why?

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