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Oat Flour Chocolate Chip Blondies

Coffee and baked goods are pretty much getting me through these days and I have no shame in that. ☕️🍪🍩🧁⁣

Playing around with oat flour and I came up with these! Check out this easy recipe below.


1 brown banana, mashed⁣

2 cups oat flour (I used oats and made flour in food processor, just add a little over 2 cups and blend for 2-3 minutes)⁣

1 egg⁣

1/3 cup applesauce ⁣

1 scoop@nuzestjust natural protein powder (you can add any protein flavor)⁣

1 tbsp maple syrup ⁣

1 tsp vanilla⁣

1 tsp baking soda ⁣

1/2 tsp sea salt ⁣

Chocolate ⁣


Preheat oven to 350.

Make flour if needed (you could also use almond flour).

Mash banana in a medium sized bowl, add egg, applesauce, vanilla and maple syrup and mix.

Add flour, protein, baking soda and sea salt, mix again until dough has formed.

Add 1/2 chopped chocolate bar or 1/3 cup chocolate chips and mix.

Add batter to an 8x8 greased dish and cook for 22-25 minutes.

Cut in squares and enjoy! 😋

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