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Pumpkin Truffle Bites

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Are you sick of pumpkin recipes yet?! I hope not because we are just getting started!!! ⁣🎃

Trying to get creative with pumpkin! we've already got pumpkin brownies, cookies and blondies and now we have PUMPKIN BITES basically like a pumpkin spice truffle you can sink your teeth into.

These were inspired by my cookie dough bars. Super simple, minimal ingredients, no refined sugar, completely gluten free and vegan with the perfect subtle hint of caramel, pumpkin and spices flavors.

Perfect for the whole family to enjoy or for you to shamelessly enjoy the whole batch on your own. Lets be honest, thats what I'm doing!! See how easy this recipe is below and if you make don't forget to tag me on instagram @_tarynshank so I can repost your yummy creation!


2 heaping tbsp pumpkin puree⁣

1 cup @bobsredmill coconut flour ⁣

1/4 cup maple syrup ⁣

1/2 cup cashew butter (or almond butter) ⁣

2 tsp pumpkin spice ⁣

1 tsp cinnamon ⁣

(May need 1/2- 1 tbsp almond milk + 1 tbsp pumpkin)⁣


Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl until fully combined. I had to use my hands. Once a dough is formed roll into balls until all the mixture is used up. (I made 12 large balls, you can make more if you make them smaller) If the dough is not sticking begin to add 1/2 tbsp almond milk at a time until dough sicks, or add 1 tbps pumpkin. Once balls are formed melt a chocolate bar with 1 tbsp coconut oil and dip the balls in chocolate or roll them in cinnamon sugar! I did both and they turned out absolutely delish⁣.


hope you enjoy this delicious recipe and it sweetens up your day! Don't forget to check out all of my dessert recipes on my blog under "dessert recipes".


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