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2020 Holiday Gift Guides

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

It's already that time of year again! The Holidays are here and even though they may not look like other years, there is still so much to celebrate and be grateful for.

Gift giving is one of my love languages so I love finding the best gifts to surprise all the special people in my life. I've complied some of my favorite gifts for all the people in your life from The Wellness Guru to Your Fitness Obsessed friends to Home Chefs (like me!).

These guides have gift options I use and love or would love to use!! I hope you find something you love or would love to give a special person in your life. Happy Shopping!

The Wellness Guru Gift Guide

  1. Essential Oil Diffuser - I love using these to chill out, cheer up or feel better!

  2. Wilding Beauty Gua Sha Kit - My favorite beauty tool. Perfect for any beauty lover in your life! Use code TARYN for an extra 10% off! My favorite is the empress stone and collection.

  3. White Noise Machine - For those light sleepers or for anyone who wants better sleep.

  4. Organic Candles - These are some of my favorite soy candles you can't go wrong with!

  5. You Are A Badass by Jenn Sincero - One of my favorite books I read every year and highly recommend everyone to read to build a belief in themselves.

  6. Coconut Oil Lotion - Non toxic and moisturizing AF.

  7. Blue Light Blocking Glasses - For the gal who's always staring at the screens.

  8. Dry Brush - Perfect for a little at home detox, helping with draining your lymphatic system & cellulite.

  9. Yeti Water Bottle - Because we all need to stay hydrated! I carry this bottle with me everywhere and it keep my water cold in the AZ summers.

  10. My Favorite Coffee Mug - The cutest coffee mug we all need.

  11. Clean Self Tanner - The best self tanner out there!

  12. Bio-dynamic Wine - Saved the best for last. Dry Farms wine shipment is an amazing gift for ANY woman. This wine is biodynamic, sugar free, sulfite free and doesn't give you hangovers.

The Home Chef Gift Guide

  1. Air Fryer - the best cooking appliance of 2020!

  2. Mixing Bowls - I love these for baking and storing with the cute lids!

  3. Instant Pot - I LOVE my instant pot for easy week night dinners that literally take no time or effort! My instant pot is a lifesaver.

  4. Pink and Gold Kitchen Utensils - So cute!! & includes all my most used gadgets.

  5. Electric Wine Opener - Need I say more?

  6. Ninja Blender - This is the next best blender besides a kitchen aid IMO. If you're looking for a new blender and don't want to drop a bunch of money, this is the one!

  7. Berkey Water Filter - The best on the market and super important to be drinking clean water! This system filters out all the bad stuff.

  8. Coffee Mugs - Because aesthetic

  9. Ninja Bullet - MY FAVORITE KITCHEN APPLIANCE EVER. I use this at least twice a day, its as good as a blender without the clean up!

  10. Our Place Always Pan - this baby is non toxic and replaces EIGHT kitchen pieces. Crossing my fingers Santa put this in my stocking.

  11. Milk Frother - for all my at home coffee makers like me. Take it up a notch with your own milk frother and make fun lattes on your own.

  12. Wine Glasses - idk about you but I broke all my wine glasses in 2020 so I need more and these are cute. :)

  13. Enameled Cast Iron - I love my cast iron pan & use it daily. Its so much easier to clean than normal cast irons and it look beautiful sitting on my stove.

Fitness Obsessed / Home Workout Gift Guide

  1. Adidas Workout Shoes - Love these for everyday or working out.

  2. The Best Workout Top Ever - Really. its the best and every girl should own at least one of these! Super supportive and fits so well.

  3. Muscle Massage Gun - I got one of these last year for Christmas and it was truly the most underrated gift. A must.

  4. Yoga Mat - We all need one now that we're working out from home!

  5. Kettle Bell - My favorite single weight to use for multiple workouts. Perfect for working out at home!

  6. Pilate Weights - Another great home workout equipment option.

  7. The Best Duped Leggings - just like you know who but not $100 :). Truly they fit and feel just like the real deal!

  8. Apple Watch - For the fit gal in your life!

  9. Booty Bands - great for home workouts!

  10. Hydro flask - Having a cute water bottle always helps me stay hydrated.

  11. Dumbbells - Get your hands on them before they're gone!

  12. Supportive Sports Bras - This three pack is my favorite, these tops fit well, are supportive and don't break the bank but look like they might.

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