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How I Keep My Teeth Healthy with Vivera Retainers

Did you know it's International Retainer Day!?

A great reminder to celebrate a great smile and good oral health. Or it may be a reminder to take care of your smile and your oral health! To me, wellness is overarching and it doesn't have to do with only food, fitness or mental health. Oral health is just as important as all of those things when it comes to wellness!

Why? For many reasons, 1. Confidence comes from good oral health and a clean straight smile 2. Good oral health can help with healthy gums, overall health and give a boost of confidence! When you take care of your teeth, you’re doing more than just preventing cavities - you’re protecting and improving your overall health, too.

Teeth and good oral health are something that have always been important to me. In fact, they are one of my favorite features of humans. I admire a good smile so much that I originally went to college to become a dental hygienist and help people keep their mouths clean and their smiles shining! Fast forward to now, I am a Holistic Health Coach who still believes in the power of oral health in wellness and I want to share what I do to keep my oral health strong and my teeth fresh and straight.

When I was younger, I had the traditional metal braces for a few years. Once I was finished with that treatment, I was given clear retainers after braces that were meant to keep my fresh, healthy smile aligned. Retainers after braces were a very important part of my oral health routine for years until I began to notice my generic clear retainers started to have wear and tear and literally began to bend and break. I was cleaning retainers daily and they still became very uncomfortable to wear from bends and bacteria build up. After not wearing my retainer for a month, I noticed my teeth began to shift and I could feel my oral health on the decline. I knew it was time for a check up on my teeth and some new, clear retainers.

So, I went on the search for comfortable, durable and higher quality retainers.

I wanted something strong that wouldn’t bend and could be custom trimmed to my gumline for optimal comfort and I found exactly that with Vivera Retainers! Vivera retainers are designed to wear after an invisalign treatment but they are not just meant for invisalign users. The Vivera clear retainers are meant for anyone who wants to protect their smile for years to come! After not wearing retainers for a month and then getting my amazing Vivera Retainers, I noticed my teeth shifting back and feeling straight in no time.

I found out about Vivera by contacting my local orthodontist and they offered a FREE scanning. (*disclaimer that free scans are at the discretion of the doctor and may not be offered at all locations). The scanning process was a breeze and I didn’t have to deal with shoving nasty foam gunk into my mouth because they used the iTero scanner that only took a few minutes. I fell in love with the strength of Vivera Retainers immediately. These clear retainers are made of premium-grade SmartTrack™ material that is a thicker material, designed to last for years without breaking, cracking, or losing their shape!!!! Vivera retainers are 30% stronger* than other clear retainers to prevent your new smile from shifting over time which is why I love them and now use them in my daily life to keep my smile fresh and my oral health thriving!

If you’re ready to get your oral health in check and keep your smile fresh and straight, ask your dentist or orthodontist for Vivera retainers.

Happy International Retainer Day!

*This post is sponsored by Align Technology, Inc. the manufacturer of Invisalign clear aligners and Vivera retainers. The sponsors of this post compensated me but regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe in. I believe in this company and agreed to share my amazing experience with my community as a sponsored post*

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