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Cilantro Lime Tacos

The easiest taco recipe with the most flavor. I made these in the instant pot which took a total of 12 minutes. I used just a few ingredients like @angelicbakehouse sprouted grain wraps because I love that they are sprouted. Sprouted grains have started to sprout, a process that adds a whole bunch of extra flavor and nutritional benefits like fiber, protein and more! Plus they’re non GMO & vegan.

I used chicken and Trader Joes chili lime seasoning because its the best. Some chopped up romaine lettuce, cilantro and lime! Just a few ingredients to make these tasty tacos for lunch or dinner! The perfect balanced meal. You can even add an avocado!


@angelicbakehouse sprouted grain wraps (or any tortillas)

1/2 lb chicken

1/4 cup chopped romaine

1 lime


Trader Joes chili lime seasoning


Prepare chicken in the instant pot but adding 2 tbsp of water and 1 tbsp chili lime seasoning.

Stir together and then close lid and pressure cook for 12 minutes.

Release immediately and shred chicken (I like to use my hand mixer to make it easy)

Add chicken, chopped romaine and cilantro into wraps or tortillas

Top with sour cream or greek yogurt and squeeze a little lime into the taco.

THATS IT seriously the easiest & tastiest lunch


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