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Healthy Finds at Walmart

Being healthy does not mean you have to shop at expensive health food stores and spend an outrageous amount of money on groceries. You can still be mindful of your food choices and more conscious of your health on a budget. All you have to do is, do the best with what you have.

Nourish yourself with real you love.

Pick whole foods over packaged foods when possible.

Find easy delicious recipes you love that you can make from scratch that make you feel good.

Not everything needs to be organic either, checkout the dirty dozen for a guideline of what you should try to get organic, when possible.

Do what works for YOU.

A healthy lifestyle doesn’t look the same for everyone so please don’t let social media make you think you have to be purchasing all of the trendy things to be healthy.

Health can be simple and affordable.

To prove that I went to Walmart to scope out what goods they have available and I found so many great brands, prices and options! Some of my favorite health food brands I'd normally only find at Whole Foods were found for sooooo much cheaper! I was quite impressed at the selection Walmart had to offer.

I picked up my weekly groceries for just around $100.

(I made a grocery list and recipe guide just for you! AND its FREE. Download it HERE)

Here are some amazing items and brands that I didn't purchase but, will be purchasing in the future when I need them! I'm all about saving that money where I can.

Braggs Liquid Aminos - my favorite soy sauce alternative!

Paleo Powder - Seasoning made with clean ingredients and no MSG!

Kerrygold - Cheese and butter. My favorite trusted brand.

Bubbly - An option for seltzer water without added sugars.

Carrington Farms - oils/flours/superfood powders/ghee.

Chosen Foods - the only avocado oil I use! And at the best price EVER! (large bottle)

Lily's Chocolate Sweets - SUGAR FREE CHOCOLATE SNACKS!!!

Caulipower - The best chicken tenders ever!!! Gluten free.

Tribali Foods - Clean, delicious chicken patties.

Rao's - The best pasta sauce made with great ingredients and no sugar! (they have pizza sauce too)

Birch Benders - Pancake mixes made with paleo and keto friendly ingredients.

Califia Farm - Milks and creamers. Best creamer I could find at Walmart.

Bitchin Sauce - The best vegan dips you'll ever have.

Blue Diamond Nut Thins - Clean, gluten free crackers.


Bonafide Provisions & Epic Brand bone broth

Halo Top Ice Cream

Vegan Ben and Jerrys

Siggis Yogurt

Bobs Red Mill - Oats and flours

Chickpea Pasta

Annies Mac & Cheese

Lundberg rice

Organic sugar free peanut butter

Daves Killer bread

Food For Life bread

Caulipower pizza crusts

Vital Proteins water


Organic fruits and veggies

Organic coffee

Kodiak Cakes


Lara Bar


Do the best with what you have and you're doing enough. I will be going back to Walmart for more shopping because who can pass up these deals?!

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