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How To Get Back On Track With Healthy Habits

Do you ever feel crappy after letting go of your habits and routines for a little too long? Like you ruined all your progress and you don't even know where to start or how to get back on track?

I've been there, I get those feelings. & you are not alone.

It happens to all of us! Thats part of life. I tell my clients all the time - there will always be times in life when you don’t/can’t prioritize your routine. Thats just part of the ebbs and flows of life and really I think over time, that is what forms real balance in our lives when we can learn to balance both.

Where do you even start when getting back on track with a healthy lifestyle?

Start where you are

starting small and taking small steps towards where you want to be is key to actually getting there. Let go of the all or nothing mindset. You didn’t fail because you enjoyed life a little bit. Thats just called living babe. Accept it and then focus on what you can start to control and improve on.

Ditch the guilt

If you’ve fallen off track with your healthy habits, be kind to yourself. Learn to accept that there will always be times in life you do fall off. Accept that without putting guilt on yourself for things life throws your way. It happens to ALL of us. You’re not alone.

Choose which steps you want to take first

List 3-5 things you can implement each day for this first week and build from there. You don’t have to do them all at once, usually that leads to burn out and failure. Get a little extra movement, drink more water, eat a healthier dinner, etc.. (I bet after a few days of these small steps you’ll already feel like yourself again!)

Narrow down WHY you really want it

Your intention behind what you do is everything and building an intention will help you get there faster. Ask yourself - Why do you want to get back into a healthy routine? How will it make you feel? How will it improve your life? Who are you doing it for? Get that motivation back to help you follow through.

Small daily action creates huge results.

final tips:

FITNESS - pick workouts you actually enjoy, not ones you are punishing yourself for. Plan them ahead for the week. Grab an accountability buddy to go to your workouts with you. You don't need to work out every day to get back on track either. Just get your body back into the routine of it slowly and naturally it will fit back in.

NUTRITION - prepare yourself for success. Stock your fridge with high quality colorful veggies, protein, fats and carbs. Plan your meals ahead of time for the first week and prep them so your healthy meals are ready to grab as soon as you open the fridge.

Don't restrict "bad" foods. Instead, have them in balance. Restriction will lead to you getting off track again with bingeing and "cheat days". You don't need a cheat day if you just listen to your body and give it what it wants ! (hint - most of the time it actually wants food that is good for you).

MORNING ROUTINE - find some time in the morning or evening for yourself. Create a little time where you can be still and reflect. Do something that fills you up so you can show up during the day or the next day for everyone else in your life, including yourself. When we don't show up for ourselves our cup runs low and sometimes just that can make us start falling off health habits. Make sure you take some time for you, even if its just 10 minutes a day.

Drink some water, make sure greens are on your plate almost every meal, sweat a little bit, and I promise within a few days you'll start feeling like yourself again. You've got this!!

If you need support getting back on track and staying consistent with it. LETS CHAT! I help my clients every day build sustainable, healthy habits that fit their lifestyle.


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