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January FAVES

I'm starting a new thing we're I'll be posting the current items I'm obsessing over either weekly or monthly. I've felt inspired to share this from some others in the wellness community. One thing I love about it is seeing what other people are up to and what items they're loving because this gives me inspo to try new things I might've not tried before!

From food, kitchen appliances, fashion, books, beauty faves and more!

I'll share all my faves with you so you can check them out too. Check out my current faves below. These items have been bringing me joy and maybe they'll bring you joy too! Or maybe you'll find something you've been looking for. Click the links to shop the items if you're interested!

Food Faves

Eat Pluck Organ Meat Seasoning is delicious and the best way to get in natures vitamin! I put it on my eggs every morning :)

Dry Farm Wines are to die for. Biodynamic, organic and no sugar! Plus NO HANGOVER!! Yes, you heard me right. Use my link to get an extra bottle for just a penny ;)

My delicious Air Fryer Bagels that I'm going to be making every week because they're just that. good.

Kitchen Faves

My Air fryer!! is the best Christmas gift I got. I use it almost daily and I am absolutely obsessed. It brings me a lot of joy on those nights I don't want to cook ;)

Glass Coffee Mugs have become my favorite sipping mugs. They are too cute!

Enameled Cast Iron that I use for cooking almost everything on the stove. Its big enough to fit one pan meals and it is enameled which makes it easier for cleaning and its beautiful to look at.

Fashion Faves

My splurge for the month on new Nike Workout Shoes was the best decision. These are changing my workouts and I think they're making me run faster.. no joke (LOL) plus they're pretty cute!

Amazon Lounge Set. I've been living in this since November when I bought it. Highly considering buying another color because it is that cute & comfy and its great quality.

Slippers!!! If you know, you know. These slippers are adorable and the bottoms are SO comfortable. I live in them at home

Beauty Faves

My Gua Sha Stone from Wildling Beauty is always an obsession. It helps with collagen production, circulation, scaring, plumping and more. My face looks incredible after I use it! Use code TARYNSHANK to save at checkout!

Dyson Supersonic!!! Just unbelievably good. If you're wanting to splurge on something this is it!! I've been drying my hair in record time and it looks great.

Tarte Concealer. If you know me, you know I know nothing about makeup but, this year my goal is to learn more and start doing it. I've started with this tarte concealer and I'm really loving it!

Wellness Faves

The Best Fragrance Free Clean Lotion. I finally found a lotion that goes on my skin smooth, keeps it moisturized and has great ingredients!

The Cutest Essential Oil Diffuser. I love using oils all day to make my home smell any way I want it. Especially to uplift me in the middle of my work day!

My Favorite Yeti Water Bottle that goes everywhere with me!! I never let this thing leave my side so I can make sure I'm hydrated all day long. It keeps everything cold even in the hot Arizona Summers.

Fitness Faves

Amazon Dupe Align Leggings are something I can't stop buying. The fit and feel is so comparable to the real thing for a fraction of the price.

Amazon Dupe workout top that I also live in this and can't believe how perfect the fit is. So much more affordable than the real thing. Comes with padding and IS supportive!

Massage Gun that saves lives after heavy gym days. I use this thing for sore muscles and back often! The one I have is so much cheaper than the real thing but it works like a charm!


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