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Sedona & Page Arizona Travel Guide

Best things to do in Page and Sedona, Arizona. My favorite eats and the best views! + places to stay.

Have you ever wanted to visit Arizona? If not, I'm going to give you reason to want to! I moved from Michigan to Arizona a little over two years ago and when I did, I had no idea all the things Arizona has to offer. I visited Scottsdale once and fell in love. Once I moved here I realized there is a LOT more TO LOVE! There is never a boring view in AZ, it offers only the best! After visiting a few of my favorite places so many times (Page and Sedona), I knew I had to share the beauty Arizona offers and hopefully you can see if for yourself one day!



One of the most magical places on earth, if you ask me. Less than a two hour drive from Phoenix and a little under 3 from Page, AZ! Making Sedona and Page the perfect road trip stops. (You can even hit The Grand Canyon or Flagstaff in between! Although this takes extra time.)

I love escaping to Sedona from PHX in the summertime to escape the blistering heat! Sedona is a bit cooler with greenery and red rocks for days. Perfect little getaway! But, its not just great in the summer, I love going to Sedona all year long. I grew up in Michigan with four seasons and thats one thing I miss every year. If you didn't know Phoenix has about two seasons, Summer and hotter Summer! When I'm missing the seasons changing I can get away to Sedona to watch the leaves change and even see some snow fall. It makes me feel a little closer to home.

If you're into meditating and yoga, Sedona is the place for you! You'll find all the crystal shops, meditation spots on the Red Rocks with "Vortex" energy and all the New Age vibes in town. If you're not into that, Sedona is still the place for you, I mean, just look at these views!

  • Cathedral Rock

One of my favorite Sedona hikes. A little difficult but totally doable for most people! Takes a little under an hour to get the the top and its a sleep climb but so worth it for the views. When you reach the top you can walk to the right for an awesome photo spot but make sure you hike up to the left too for a secret view ;) (picture 1 and 5 are Cathedral Rock)

  • Bell Rock

Bell Rock can be a quick and easy hike or long and difficult. You can walk up to the bottom of the rock and take in the views like we did or you can keep exploring! Just a short walk from the parking lot to get there. (Picture 3 below is Bell Rock. Located right next to Cathedral Rock so perfect to hit both!)

  • Devils Bridge

A must!! Far hike but its more of a walk most of the way until you get to the bridge. Then you have a steep hike up to the end but when you get to the top you won't regret it! You can walk all the way out to the bridge, its a little nerve wracking but worth it! (Picture 4 below)

  • Chapel of the Holy Cross

A beautiful view of Sedona and a beautiful Chapel. Not much of a hike you just walk up a ramp and you arrive to aerial views or Sedona.

  • The Birthing Cave

A little over a mile walk to some of the most beautiful Sedona views. This trail is tricky and many people cannot find the cave. Keep to your LEFT the entire trail. When you can go left or right always choose left. You will see a part of the trail that comes to a stop and you can go three ways, left, stirght or right. Go LEFT. It won't look like a trail because there are trees down on the left but walk over them and you're almost to the cave! All Trails app has a good description of how to get there and I'd recommend keeping the app open to lead you through.

  • Soldiers Pass

Beautiful trail with a cave at the end that you can climb up and look out to Sedona. The cave has some things you can explore inside if you dare! This is a hard one to find also. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the entrance on your right or you'll end up hiking all of Sedona if you go to far! Its a steep hike to the top but takes about 5 minutes to get up there. The rest of the hike is pretty easy. You also hit the Seven Sacred Pools and Devils Kitchen if you take this trail which is so worth seeing in itself!

  • Broken Arrow Pink Jeep Tour

The best Pink Jeep Tour and worth the money if you want to see a lot! This was the first Pink Jeep tour I did in Sedona and its still my favorite. So many views and you learn so much about Sedona's History.

  • Wet Beaver Creek

30 minutes outside of Sedona. A 3 mile hike each way but don't let that intimidate you! Its more of a walk, people do the whole hike with beach bags, coolers and chairs because when you get to the end there is a little surprise! Cliff jumping and a creek to swim in! Bring a towel, and some lunch and hang out all day! The area gets crowded but its a lot of fun. I'd recommend getting there before 9 am to get parking. Wear a hat because there is no shade during this hike!

  • Mariposa

Beautiful views and delicious food. A little upscale but you can go in hiking clothes and no ones gonna judge you! ;) Great for a nice night out too.

  • Enchantment Resort

All the views! They have a few different restaurants to offer & you can't go wrong with any of them!

  • Mesa Grill (airport)

Beautiful views of Sedona all the way on the top of the city. You must stop to take in the views on the way up! And then enjoy a nice meal at the airport with some pretty cool views there too. (photos 3)

  • Salt Sock

Delicious food and drinks, a little pricey. The views are worth it even if you just go for that.

  • Local Juicery

If you know me, you already know I'm obsessed!!! The best juice, smoothies, toasts, coffees and more. Perfect for breakfast, lunch or a snack for the ride home. PB&J smoothie is a vibe. (photos 1 & 2)

  • The Enchantment Resort

I've never stayed at The Enchament but we go there for food and drinks. One day we'll stay because it is a dream and I've heard nothing but great things. If you can't stay, still make it for a drink of food because the views are insane!

  • Diamond Resorts

Diamond offers multiple stays in Sedona. We've stayed there a few times and never had any complaints.

  • Airbnb

Always fun to get your own place. Some are on the outskirts of town where you really feel in the middle of nowhere!

You really can't go wrong staying anywhere in Sedona! Its a small town and everything is just a short drive away. You'll need a car to get into town for the resorts listed above. Plenty of restaurants downtown not listed here with great views also! And there are lots of other hikes to do, these are just a few I've done & loved :)



Page is located at the northern point of Arizona right by Utah. There is so much to explore up there especially if you cross the boarder to Utah but we are so mesmerized by Lake Powell we usually explore that! The beautiful lake found in Arizonas canyons stretches over 250 miles and I'm not kidding when I say the views are never ending. A MUST SEE for everyone. See our favorite things to do and places to eat below!

  • Horseshoe Bend

Overwhelmingly beautiful. A MUST if you're in page. Located less than 10 minutes out of town. Not much of a hike, more of a walk down to the bend. Parking is $10 per car. You will spend maybe an hour here hike and all. Stunning views! (3rd photo below)

  • Antelope Canyon

I can't even believe this place is real the sights are unbelievable. you must book this in advance and hurry becuase they book up quick! There are two parts to the canyon you can see. I did lower first and would recommend that. The tours are guided and only take a few hours. Google "antelope canyon tours", only 2 businesses offer them so its easy to find! (Antelope canyon phots are the 1st, 4th and 5th below - unedited)

  • Lake Powell

I'm sure there is so much more to do in Page but there are never ending things to see on Lake Powell!!! We spend most of our time there. I would highly recommend renting a boat. We've done kayaks too but thats a challenge with the choppy water. There are so many sites on Lake Powell I'm not sure if we'll ever find them all but we're gonna try! (Lake Powell photos below -2nd and 4th) Things to do on Lake Powell: Slot Canyons, Rainbow Bridge, Toilet Bowl and MORE! 250 miles of pure beauty.

  • LP espresso

Best coffee shop in town! We always stop at LP on the way out. They have the best bulletproof coffee!

  • Big Johns Texas BBQ

we LOVE this place. Not fancy at all but the food is great and the atmosphere is even better. Live country music and dancing outside where the giant smokers are. Small town kinda place and I love it.

  • Grand Circle Grill

Never eaten here but it is SO MUCH FUN! Cornhole and other games on the back patio with lights and the best live music! Open late so its the perfect place to hang out in Page when the sun goes down.

  • Rainbow Room

If you're looking to get fancy and see some views, this is the place to go. Located just outside of Page but on Lake Powell. The views are stunning with a round dining room with windows all around. Perfect view of the lake in each direction and perfect sunset view!

  • Airbnb

We found the cutest remodeled airbnb walking distance from downtown page where the restaurants are! Perfect location. We will be staying here probably every time we go now! Airbnb linked here.

  • Hotels in Page

Page doesn't have many options to stay overnight. There are a bunch of hotels in the area right next to each other. You can't really go wrong with any, I do know only a few have a view of the lake! If you want to be on the lake there is a resort by the marina but I recommend staying in town.

Pictured above: Horseshoe Bend

I hope you enjoy your trip and all the beauty Arizona has to offer!

For things to do in Scottsdale and Phoenix follow me HERE!

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