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Spicy, sweet and tangy - the perfect margarita combination

refreshing cocktail with a special cbd sweetener that contains all organic ingredients and is the perfect zing to any drink!!! This recipe can be made with or without @simplejaneco energy blend. But if you want to try it be sure to check them out and use my code TARYN for a discount!

I don't know about you but I love a good margarita all throughout the year, not just summer. I mean taco Tuesday happens every week and you know I've got to pair my tacos with a marg, or two :)

This recipe is so dang refreshing and has the perfect combo of flavors. Be careful, you might not even realize you're drinking alcohol! See the recipe below 👇🏼⁣



2 shots tequila ⁣

1 shot pinneapple juice ⁣

Splash of mineral or sparkling water ⁣

1/2 lime juiced ⁣

1 chunk pinnapple, muddled ⁣

1 tsp @simplejaneco ZENERGY ⁣(optional)

2-3 jalapeños depending on how spicy you like it ⁣🔥

Shake and pour over ice and enjoy!⁣⚡️

I topped mine with more jalapeño instead of adding it in because they contained a lot of seeds. You do you! If you like it spicy, mix them in. If not, do without and stick with pineapple! Cilantro is a delicious addition too.

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