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Vegan Mac and Cheese

Mac and Cheese will NEVER get old no matter how old I get. When I was deep in my orthorexia, I would never allow myself Mac and cheese. I seriously thought it was the devil. Now as a Health Coach, I wouldn't necessarily recommend eating it on the regular as it is full or inflammatory ingredients that won't do much for your health. But if you want to enjoy it once in awhile, have at it!

OR you can enjoy nourishing, protein packed, anti inflammatory, customizable vegan Mac and cheese 🧀⁣


All you need is some pasta and my cashew cheese sauce to make this delicious vegan meal. Add any veggies you like and any form of protein if adding meat. I love adding spinach and chicken sausage or really just enjoying it on its own becuase its that good.

I always switch up the protein and veggie option according to what I have on hand. You can make this meal in 20 minutes or less! Perfect for lunch the next day too.



1 Box of pasta (I use Banza)

Veggie of choice

Protein optional

Vegan Cheese Sauce Ingredients:

1 cup cashews (soaked for min of 3 hours or overnight) ⁣⁣

1/4 cup nutritional yeast⁣⁣

1/2 cup almond milk ⁣⁣(or any)

Lots of garlic powder ⁣⁣

1-2 tsp paprika ⁣⁣

Salt and pepper to taste ⁣⁣

A few dashes of turmeric (for color, optional) ⁣⁣


Cook pasta according to box.

While pasta is cooking, blend all ingredients up in a food processor or blender. If you want it creamier add a few more tbsp of almond milk to your liking.

When pasta is finished, strain and put back into the pot.

Pour cheese sauce over pasta and mix together until combined.

Serve with veggies and protein if desired or enjoy comply on its own with a little salt and pepper!


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